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Wellness Bridge
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At Wellness Bridge we are experts in global travel. We offer three ways to relax and enjoy your health related holiday.

1. Travel Logistics – Wellness Bridge will organize all your travel logistics and provide you with a personalized itinerary including; flights, ground transportation, accommodations, recovery and leisure activities in the international destination of your choice.

2. Guided Retreat – A set itinerary with an experienced international guide for those seeking an introduction to health and wellness abroad.  Retreats take place near the best hospitals in the world.  Medical appointments will be arranged with results returning within 24 hours. Leisure activities will be offered throughout the retreat. 

3. Counseling and Meditation Services - Wellness Bridge offers one-on-one counseling focusing on relaxation for wellness leading up to and during your medical travel abroad. 


Katherine Demsky, founder at Wellness Bridge has extensive knowledge of cultures throughout Asia.  While living in Beijing she studied Chinese minority cultural  and conducted research of women's roles in remote areas.  Katherine is the director at the international nonprofit, Bridges Between where she investigates sources of sustained poverty for women in rural Nepal and supports education and wellness programs in some of the poorest regions.  Katherine holds a Master's Degree in Medical Anthropology and Chinese History and has been a student of Yogic Meditation for over twenty years. Katherine offers compassionate, well informed medical travel guidance.